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Search Scientist becomes a Premier Google Partner

At Search Scientist, we are proud to be recognised by Google as a Premier Partner. This is the highest rating available as a Google AdWords partner agency, and acknowledges our high standards in managing client AdWords accounts. This puts us a step above agencies with the blue partner badge. This distinction is reserved for only Google’s […]

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Google’s Expanded Text Ads – Top Facts

Starting on 31 January 2017, AdWords will no longer support the creation or editing of standard text ads. New text ads generated after that date should use the expanded text ad format. Existing standard text ads will continue to serve after 31 January 2017. So how are the new Expanded Text Format Ads different from the […]

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Big Data

An Eye Opener into Big Data

Last Tuesday I attended CIM’s latest digital briefing at PWC’s Google Hive. After breakfast and coffee (prepared to perfection by an IPAD!) I sat down, intrigued to discover how businesses across NI are not only using but safeguarding big data. I felt quietly confident that most in the room (which was filled with some of […]

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Google My Business

Google Reviews Incorporate Facebook Reviews

Reviews from the Web You may have noticed recently that reviews from the web are now appearing within your Google My Business profile. These are available across the world on mobile and desktop, pulled from up to three review sites including Facebook, bringing customer reviews even more to the forefront of your customer’s journey. Being […]

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Business First Network to Discover the Power of AdWords

The Business First Network (BFN) is a leading commercial membership organisation working across the UK and Ireland where like-minded business professionals collaborate to help protect and grow their organisations. Their regular member events aim to provide short, snappy educational sessions that offer practical advice from experts on topical business issues. At BFN’s next event they have […]

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Your Guide to AdWords Bidding Strategies

There are many different bidding strategies that can be used to decide your AdWords bids. AdWords bids are a key component of Ad Rank. As a reminder of the basic process, Google determines your Ad Rank by using the following formula:   The following bidding strategies can be used to determine your Max cost per […]

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A Guide to Implementing Call Tracking

As more advertisers are trying to use AdWords to drive calls to their website, it is necessary to have some way to measure how many calls are coming from the AdWords ads. This can be done through AdWords Call Tracking. These are small snippets of code that will measure a call as a conversion and […]

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Your Guide to Attribution Modelling

Recently, much of the focus within Google Analytics and AdWords has centred on attribution modelling. Attribution modelling is the rule, or set of rules, that determines how much credit for a sale or conversion is assigned to a particular medium or touch points. The main models used by AdWords are highlighted below. I will go […]

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