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Optimising your AdWords Performance is an Ongoing Process

Using Stats to Expand on What’s Working and Remove Wastage

The most important aspect of Google AdWords advertising is relevancy. Google ensures that the ad most relevant to the user’s search query is the one that’s shown at the top of the page.

This means that, as an advertiser, you need to stay on top of search trends, so that you can always match what your potential customers are searching for, especially on the terms that they’re most likely to convert on. These trends change, as does your competitors’ advertising.

If your competitors stay more up to date with user search queries, then they can easily have their ad appear in the top position, pushing yours down, making it less likely to be clicked on.

With several hours of ongoing AdWords account management, Search Scientist can keep your AdWords advertising fresh, competitive and we’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on.

We’ve seen an excellent return on our investment from Louise’s highly attentive management of our AdWords account. Louise has introduced tracking for improved reporting, driven down costs and is most responsive to our businesses needs. Search Scientist is supremely professional and I can thoroughly recommend their marketing services.

Chris Dalzell,

We work in line with your targets and profit margins to get the best return from your AdWords advertising, so that you can further grow your business.

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Account Optimisation recommended Before Ongoing Management Begins

Unless you’re absolutely 100% happy with how your AdWords account is structured and running at the moment, we’d also recommend performing an initial optimisation/restructure of your AdWords account before moving into maintenance. We find that this produces the best results overall and allows improvements in performance to be noticeable more quickly.

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Contact us to enquire about AdWords Management. Louise will review your AdWords account performance and potential. From that we can work together to meet your goals, with AdWords management at a set number of hours per month.

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