Privacy, Consent, Automation

Google Ads Academy Livestream (March 2022) – Key Takeaways There’s no doubt that privacy, consent and automation are hot topics at present, key in shaping the digital advertising landscape. Here we summarise the main takeaway points from today’s Google Ads Academy Livestream. The foundation in preparation for the incoming data collection changes are threefold: Have […]

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google marketing livestream 2021

Google Marketing Announcements

Key Takeaways from Google’s Annual 2021 Marketing Livestream today: Privacy first (FLoC) Automation focus (Performance Max) Image Extensions out of Beta Analytics & reporting improvements Display & YouTube in Attribution Models More identity labels on ads (e.g. women led, black-owned) Augmented Reality shopping experience (visualise clothing on similar body shapes to your own) Connecting Merchant […]

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Welcome Alisa to Team Search Scientist

Please welcome Alisa to team Search Scientist! Like Louise, Alisa used to work for Google. She eats data for breakfast and obsessively analyses performance. Her previous roles as a Google AdWords Strategist, Paid Advertising Specialist and Consultant have given her experience working with many types of businesses and industries. Although she is mainly specialised in […]

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Bing Ads Rebrands as Microsoft Advertising

Quickly following the news of Microsoft passing a market cap valuation of $1 trillion, and in line with the current marketing campaign for Microsoft AI, Bing Ads has now been rebranded as Microsoft Advertising. This rebrand emphasises a focus on both AI and personalisation. “In the next year, we’re introducing more advertising products with built-in AI, more […]

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The Global Site Tag – What, Why & How

In 2018, Google updated their tracking code from analytics.js to gtag.js (better known as the Global Site Tag). We still have companies asking us about this, especially as Google prompts more businesses to update. Below we’ll cover what it is, why it is important and how to update. What is A Global Site Tag (gtag.js)? […]

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bing ads

Bing Ads – Additional PPC Traffic

Bing Ads: Increased Marketshare & Improved Features Search Scientist, in addition to being a Google Ads Partner, is also a Bing Ads Partner. As Bing Ads play catch up, more closely matching Google Ads functionality and quick to mimic feature releases, it’s becoming a more worthwhile platform for advertisers. As of January 2019, Microsoft’s Bing […]

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