An Introduction to the New AdWords Experience

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Back in 2016 at their performance summit, Google announced a new AdWords layout. We’re now starting to see that being rolled out so we thought we’d run through some of the key points about the new layout.

Google announced “The new AdWords experience marks the most powerful change we’ve made to how advertisers visualize and manage their campaigns in over 15 years. The redesign makes AdWords significantly easier to use to help you reach your unique marketing goals and get things done.” 

The new AdWords experience is a fast modern and visual interface that is easier to use and more focused on your business. You can:

  • Create and improve campaigns based on your unique marketing objectives
  • Save time and get more done with faster access to your most commonly used features
  • Gain actionable insights with new graphs and powerful reporting tools

Save time and get more done

The new AdWords experience is streamlined to get more done faster, consistent navigation will help you find what you need and focus on what matters most to your business, cleaner tables with columns you can resize.

Quickly access the features you need

  • See your keywords across search, video and display in one place
  • Use the page menu to see campaigns, keywords and ads, drilling into more specifics
  • Access locations, devices, and ad scheduling more easily and change your bid adjustments

Create and manage ad extensions in the one place

  • See all of your ad extension types and all levels in one view, along with consolidated reporting

Ad Extensions layout

Overview page

See relevant insights about your account with visualisations that help you take action. 

Overview page

AdWords Overview Card Examples

Google plan to make the new experience available to all advertisers over the course of 2017. Invites for the new experience will be sent based on a number of factors, including what features you use. Some accounts will automatically be in the new experience when you sign into AdWords while others will see a message to try it out. Throughout the roll-out of the new experience you will be able to switch back to the previous display if needed.

If you want to discuss how AdWords can help your business, drop me a line

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