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Google Publisher Tag- Asos Example

All you need to know about Google Publisher & Author Tags

The Publisher Tag This links your Google+ news feed in with the official listing for your business location on the Search Engine Results Pages: It requires a piece of Google code to be placed in the tag of your website. It looks like this: <link rel=”publisher” href=””/> Then, you’ll need to check that your website […]

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Mobile Click to Call Ad

Call Tracking for AdWords

This is a question that we get asked regularly by our clients. Tracking phone calls, then measuring them is obviously really important to maximise ROI from advertising. Setting up Call Extensions To get started on call tracking within AdWords, you’ll need to set up a call extension, which can be at either campaign or ad […]

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Interest Categories – AdWords Display Network

Target by Audience Interests I recently wrote a comprehensive article on how to do just that. It’s been published here – The areas covered in the article are: – What is AdWords Display Network Interest Category Targeting? – An example of Targeting Users by their Interest – The Interest Categories available to choose from […]

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Grant Access New Google Analytics

How to Grant Access in the New Google Analytics Google’s Analytics help centre hasn’t yet updated their instructions on how to grant access to a new user in Google Analytics so that it’s aligned with the new version of Analytics. I looked online and found other high ranking sites for the search query, ‘grant access […]

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Google AdWords Analyze Competition Tool Screenshot

New AdWords Analyze Competition Tool

The new ‘Analyze Competition’ tool allows you to see how your AdWords performance compares to your competitors’. It compares your AdWords clicks, impressions, click through rate and average position to other advertisers within the same category as you. This tool is now available to all AdWords advertisers, worldwide. Find out more about the AdWords Analyze Competition […]

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