Set up Display Remarketing Campaigns in AdWords

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Remarketing is a powerful way to use the Display network and gain more conversions. Sometimes it just takes a little reminder or a discount to turn people into buyers.

What does Display Remarketing Do?

Similar to our previous post on RLSA campaigns in AdWords, you can run remarketing lists as a target on the display network.

A lot of advertisers have tried the display network, only to get frustrated with a lack of direct conversions. Traditionally, the display network has been better at increasing brand awareness, so it’s understandable that conversions will be fewer.

With display remarketing, image ads are only shown to people who have visited certain pages on your site. When a custom combination is used, you can also filter out people who converted. This means that people aren’t shown ads after they’ve already converted.

You could advertise to converting visitors using a complementary product or service though. In all cases, it’s best to specify a frequency cap of 6 impressions/day per ad group.

Why you should use Display Remarketing Campaigns in AdWords

Advertising to potential leads using the Display Network can be time consuming and expensive. With RLSA, you’re only targeting people who have expressed a level of interest in what you’re promoting.

So, with this in mind, you can simply have one audience target per ad group (no other targeting is needed).

Display Remarketing settings

How to set up Display Remarketing

  1. Check your remarketing lists are populated with the right users
  2. Start a new display network campaign, choose remarketing
  3. Add image ads as normal
  4. Click the display network tab > remarketing sub tab > +targeting
  5. Add your list as a target

5 Tips for improving your Display Remarketing campaigns

  1. Use ‘custom combination’ lists to define non-converting visitors
  2. Tailor your image ads to re-engage people who left your site.
  3. Consider increasing your bids, as users have shown interest.
  4. Exclude parked domains, error pages & below the fold placements
  5. Try alternative landing pages
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