Creating a Google Engagement Ad Campaign

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AdWords Engagement Ads

Are you advertising on the Google Display Network but keen to push this further? Engagement Ads might be just what you’re looking for. They’re designed and tuned for user engagement.

How they work:

As a user hovers over the display ad, the ad expands to a larger format or plays a video

Users are over 10 times more likely to engage with these ads than to click on a standard display ad.

There are a variety of ad types to choose from depending on the content you want to promote. Choosing the right content is crucial for successful engagement and will increase the likelihood of an online conversion.

There Are Many Benefits

  • Deliver brand message & make your customers feel connected
  • Dynamic interactive ads, including video, audio and images
  • Only pay when the customer engages with your ad
  • Discreet – the ad will only activate/expand once the user has hovered over it for 2 seconds


Creating an Engagement Ad Campaign

1. To get started log in to your Google AdWords account and create a new campaign. Select ‘Display Network only’.


 2. Under campaign type select ‘Engagement’.


3. Check location and language are suitable. Adjust Bidding & Budget to ‘Focus on Engagements’. This way you only pay when people engage in your ads. Confirm your budget. Click save & continue.


4. We’ve now created the shell of the Engagement Campaign. We must now create an ad group for this campaign. I call this ad group ‘Business Engagement’ and set my Max CPC. Select how you want to target your ads. Click save & continue.


5. Select a template that is most suitable to the type of Engagement Ad you wish to create. Upload relevant content to create the ad, this can be done by uploading images and including a video from YouTube. Click review and finish.



In these straightforward steps we have created a Google Engagement Ad Campaign, an ad group and set targeting. You can now repeat step 5 to create multiple ads or review step 4 to create a new ad group to set different targeting options for your ads.

Engagement Ads are an excellent way to deliver your brand message and connect with your customers. An opportunity to provide insight into your business, your views, your qualities and what exactly it is that your brand stands for. These are all important factors that customers consider before making a transaction. Moreover, not many companies are using this ad format yet, so it’s an opportunity to stand out from your competitors.

Used creatively, there are many opportunities to tell stories, build relationships and develop strong brand association with your target audience, increasing the likelihood of a successful online conversion.

If you are considering running Engagement Ads to deliver your branding then contact us to discuss how we can help ensure a successful campaign and maximise your ROI.

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