Reach Customers On The Google Display Network

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Communicate With Your Target Audience

The Google Display Network allows your ad to appear on a range of news sites, blogs, forums and other niche sites across the internet to reach potential new customers, using a range of different ad formats to grab your customers’ attention, such as:


Currently AdWords advertisers can select “Other interests” when choosing a targeting option to connect with people on the Google Display Network. From January 2015 this option will no longer be available. 

Instead advertisers will have three options to choose from when selecting a targeting option for both new and existing audience campaigns.


New targeting options for the Google Display Network from January 2015


1. Affinity – Used to raise brand awareness on a relatively large scale. Users are separated into segments depending on the type of pages they visit, and how long they spend there, associating interest categories with each person’s browser. Affinity segments allow businesses to reach those that are most likely to enjoy their brand based on interests.

2. Custom Affinity – Identify niches that can be custom tailored for your brand. This is an excellent opportunity to engage with customers that are most likely to be receptive to the product/service you offer. Custom Affinity give advertisers the power to define who they communicate with and on what device.

3. In-market – Connect with customers that are browsing, researching or comparing products similar to those that your business offers. This gives advertisers the power to connect with customers at the moment they are ready to make a purchase.

What We Think

These new tools offer more flexibility and control to the advertiser, improving the quality of campaigns through the ability to communicate directly with the ideal customer and potentially at the ideal moment.

If you are currently advertising on the Google Display Network and target “Other interests” your campaigns will continue to run until June 2015 before they will be automatically upgraded to one of the three options listed above.

Interested in advertising on the Google Display Network? E-mail to find out how we can help you achieve the best possible return on your investment.

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