Why More Businesses Should Embrace Google+

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With Facebook’s Reach Declining, is it time for Google Plus?

The new Facebook algorithm is now forcing businesses to pay in order for their posts to have the same organic reach as before. Businesses are becoming frustrated with Facebook and some are even searching for alternatives. Is it time to give Google Plus a closer look as a potential alternative?

Google+ Helps Increase Exposure on Google

Google+ is about creating an identity and building a credible circle, here reputation means a lot. The more Google trusts you and your content the better your potential to organically rank. Here are two quick tips to remember for SEO purposes:

  • Increase your circle size. Google understands that people connected in Google+ trust each other. Increasing the potential for your relevant content to be displayed in their personalised top 10 SERPs
  • Set up your Authorship Tag to display your Author photo in search results and see an increase in click through rates




How do I build my Reputation on Google+?

The more people in your circle, the more people that +1 your articles and the more trustworthy Google will view your content. A good way to increase your circle is through the Google Hangouts On Air (HOA) feature.

This unique feature and can help you fast track your way to becoming reputable. It allows you to participate in a HOA video conference to network with other professionals in your industry. Remember your reputation will take a boost when a reputable Google+ user joins your circle or +1’s your article.

You can also use HOA to interact with your customers via text or even a personal video conference. We all know the endless benefits of strong customer relationships!

When it comes to maintain your profile don’t forget:

  • Always provide professional, informational content
  • History of quality content will grow your reputation
  • Get your content +1’d  and grow your circle.


Is it Time to Embrace Google+?

With Twitter being having a limited character limit and Facebook recently restricting businesses organic reach and effectively forcing businesses to pay to get that reach back; it may be time to consider Google+. Have a look to see if your target audience is there and if your competitors are there. Even if it’s just a matter of duplicating your Facebook posts on Google+ it could be worthwhile to build a following there.

After all who would say no to more space on the Google Search results page.


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