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Lookaly for Northern Irish Businesses

Search Scientist recently had a look at, coming to the conclusion that good local businesses should promote themselves there. But, there’s another big player in this local business promotion market that we could not dare overlook – So What is Lookaly? You may be familiar with, the online version of The Yellow […]

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Effect of Google Instant on SEO & AdWords?

If you type “Google” in to Google, the internet will break; or so the old legend goes. With today’s launch of Google Instant, however, I found myself doing exactly just that. Or typing “Google Instant” into Google Instant to be more precise. Google Instant is a new search enhancement that shows results as you type. […]

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New Google Image Search Ads

Quickly following Google’s announcement last week of the Image Search Results page redesign, Google’s UX team have also va va voomed the ads that appear on these pages. There have been talks within Google for a long time about monetising the Image Search results pages. They first planted standard text ads directly above the image […]

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Track Mobile Ad Traffic through AdWords

Google AdWords is introducing a new feature which allows clients to track the number of clicks coming from mobile phone ads. Mobile ValueTrack, named after AdWords’ existing ValueTrack scheme, allows you to add a tag to your website URL which monitors the number of mobile customers clicking through to your website, and redirects mobile visitors […]

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Prepare for Microsoft & Yahoo! Merge

  The long-awaited Microsoft/Yahoo! (or Microhoo!) search merge is almost upon us, and online advertising could find itself on the verge of a change. The integration of Yahoo!’s search facilities with Microsoft’s Bing search engine and AdCentre will give the companies a solid footing in the search arena, delivering the first credible threat to Google’s […]

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Google Invests in Farmville Creators | Zynga

Google invests in Farmville creators

Google is secretly investing in the massive social gaming company, Zynga Google is investing between $100m and $200m in social gaming market leader Zynga, paving the way for a ‘Google Games’ launch later this year. News of the investment was revealed today by digital media blog Tech Crunch, although a recent tweet from Zynga’s chief […]

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