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Last week was a bit different to most weeks, with Monday at Google London, Tuesday and Wednesday at Google Dublin and Thursday manning our pod at the Digital DNA conference at Titanic Belfast. Lots learned across these few days that I thought was worth stepping back and reflecting on.

Google Dublin London Accelerate Digital DNA

ScotlandonSunday Google Business Coaching ProgramMonday 12th October – Google London

Earlier in 2015, Search Scientist was handpicked by Google from 30,000 digital agencies in the UK to take part in an innovative, industry leading, business coaching program.  Glasses were clinked in our office as we’d been identified for our outstanding performance in AdWords management and fast growth in this industry. Go team! We were the only digital agency selected from Northern Ireland, and among only 15 other agency directors throughout the UK selected for this program. Check out the National Press on this program (to the right) and read our blog article for more info and photos.

Identified for our outstanding performance in AdWords management

Monday 12th October was my fourth full day under the wing of internationally renowned business consultant, author and keynote speaker, Robert Craven. Coaching from Google and Robert has been invaluable to the development of Search Scientist, with us leading the way in the local digital industry. The program has already been such a success that I along with several of the other digital agency directors intend to keep the momentum and sharing of best practices going, with continued quarterly meetings dotted around the UK.

A quick stop off with a Dalek! Then to catch that flight to Dublin for 2 days at Google Accelerate #gpaccelerate

google london business coaching 2015

13th & 14th October 2015 – Google Accelerate Conference in Dublin

Landed at my swanky hotel in Dublin to a lovely care package from Google (always nice!). Then to get stuck in to business, finding out what Google has in store for the future of AdWords advertising. Google Accelerate’s focus this year was on growing talent in Google Partner agencies, sharing the latest digital marketing innovations and staying competitive in 2016.

Among 235 of the most successful agencies in EMEA.

You can find out more and download some of the key presentations here. Great talks given by my old Google team mates!

Key points that I took away:

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile! – for Video and Moments

half youtube views mobile

Match the Message to the Moment

match the message to the moment - gpacceelerate

Give YouTube Ads more of a chance (think lifetime customer value)

youtube ads gpaccelerate

Value of Search & Display Ads Combined (and if taking Display ads seriously go DoubleClick)

display and search combined

Think Roadmap not Funnel!

conversion roadmap adwords

There are lots of other slides and takeaways that I could add, but that’s more than enough to up the gears on for now.

Also on 13th & 14th October – AdWords Training in Google Dublin

Search Scientist’s new hire Jane joined me in Google Dublin for two days. Rather than being filled with big ideas though, she had her head down studying the minutiae of AdWords for two full days. A big pat on the back was well earned too, as through her studying, Jane became Google AdWords Certified! Well done Jane.

15th October – Digital DNA, Belfast

Search Scientist had a great day out @DigitalDNAHQ! We loved having the chance to talk with so many varied and interesting companies all in the one day. Barry gave out a tonne of free 5 minute website health checks and came across some urgent issues in need of fixing that could have gone neglected otherwise. Ash and myself talked AdWords and Bing Ads. Jane was there to field those embarrassing “I know I should know this, but…” social questions. Pretty useful and insightful all round. When not manning our stand, we also got to tune in to a few talks. Great speakers all round! Well done Digital DNA, we’ll be back next year!

Search Scientist DIgital DNA 2015

Thereafter, it was back to the Search Scientist HQ, though the fun didn’t stop. We were delighted to announce the winner of our Free SEO Audit worth £500 raffle – Well done Barclay Communications!

Hope you had a good week too. Any questions, please feel free to comment below, or email

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