YouTube Info Cards – How To Guide

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Introducing Info Cards For YouTube

Info Cards are designed to provide an enhanced viewer experience and increase user interaction. They are optimised for both desktop and mobile platforms and with YouTube recently confirming that half of all views now come from mobile devices, more of your audience will be able to interact with your videos.

How Do YouTube Info Cards Work?

When you add a card into your video, a teaser will be shown for a few seconds. Once the teaser is over, the card will be available for the remainder of the video by clicking on the icon in the top right-hand corner of the video.


On mobile devices, the card will appear when tapping on the teaser or cards icon. If you include multiple cards in a video, users will be able to interact by scrolling through them while the video is playing.


You can have up to five cards in one video. Depending on the card type, you’ll be able to add in an image, title, and call-to-action text. YouTube will select which cards to show the user based on performance, behaviour and the device they are using. Insights about the performance of your cards can be viewed using YouTube Analytics to view your stats.

Types of Info Cards

  1. Merchandise Card
    Allows advertisers to promote stock directly in their YouTube videos, customers can click through to purchase. To use Merchandise Cards in your video, your website must link to one of YouTube’s supported merchandise sites.
  2. Fundraising Card
    Link to fundraising websites so that users can help your cause. There are a number of approved fundraising sites to link to from your video.
  3. Video or Playlist Card
    Link to another YouTube video or playlist that may be of interest to the viewer of the current video. Ideal for increasing awareness about other services you may offer but your customers are not aware of.
  4. Website Card
    Advertisers can use an Info Card to link directly from their YouTube video to their associated website.
  5. Fan Funding
    For fans that want to show their appreciation for your videos, by making a contribution directly on the video page. This card type is most suitable for large brands and YouTube channels.

Cards are designed to provide a better user experience and work best when they are contextual to your content and are not too close to each other. YouTube recommends assigning designated time and spacing cards out appropriately.

Start Using Info Cards

  1. Log into your YouTube account and visit Video Manager
  2. Choose the video you want to add cards to and click Edit
  3. Click Cards in the top barget-started
  4. Click Add Card and Create
  5. A creation dialog box will open. Follow the required steps and customize your Card accordingly

YouTube Info Cards are ideal for encouraging interaction among users when watching your channel on desktop and mobile devices. Users can find out more about your business and what you offer while your video continues to play in the background.

There are many opportunities available for advertisers to customise Info Cards with specific call-to-actions to help achieve business objectives. For example, with Merchandise Cards advertisers can have a YouTube video promoting a particular product while incorporating an Info Card to provide the opportunity for the viewer to click through and purchase.

With the increase in the number of YouTube views coming from mobile devices, it is recommended that you use mobile friendly Info Cards to grow and interact with your audience.

If you would like to know how Info Cards can help your business achieve their objectives, or to start using Merchandise Cards to promote and sell products, email or comment below.

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