Google Announce Buy Button For Shopping Campaigns

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Google Confirm Buy Button

Google have confirmed a Buy Button to help search users purchase products that appear in Google Shopping ads. The button will initially be rolled out in the US and available in mobile ads on android devices. Once the user clicks on the button they will be brought to a Google web page to make a purchase of that item. Google is aiming to reduce the number of clicks required after clicking on a Product Listing Ad (PLA) to completing the purchase.

The number of users searching from mobile devices has reached new heights in 2015 and this trend looks to continue with mobile commerce set to become extremely competitive in the near future. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter have already incorporated Buy Buttons so that users can shop directly without leaving their mobile apps.

Facebook buy now button

Facebook Shop Now Button

Pinterest Buy Button

Pinterest Buy It Button

Twitter Buy Button

Twitter Buy Now Button

Amazon Buy Now

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This is big news, as it means that Google increase their potential to become a shopping hub to rival Amazon, having noted earlier this year that Amazon is their biggest rival in search. Amazon has become the go-to place for many consumers to search for product reviews and to compare prices. Google seem keen to keep users from Amazon by offering a more streamlined shopping experience and allowing them to compare prices and purchase directly from Google’s Shopping page.

How Will Google Buy Work?

As previously noted, the Buy Button will initially be offered in the US and available only on android mobile devices. Google are expected to offer several payment options and allow customers to save payment information for future purchases.

Users will be able to search for a particular product and buy it directly from Google in a reduced series of steps than is currently required when clicking on a PLA and buying direct from the retailer. Once users have selected their product, they can choose their delivery and payment option which will likely be stored securely in Google Shopping.

The item will then be dispatched by the retailer without Google taking a share of the product revenue, unlike Amazon. However, retailers will have to pay through Google’s existing ad structure.

What Does This Mean For Retailers?

Early reports suggest that Google will not pass data on to retailers, which means retailers won’t be able to market to particular customer demographics. This will frustrate many small retailers that do not have the budget to spend heavily on AdWords and many are concerned that the big spenders will dominate the search results. Also, it is unknown if shoppers will be able to purchase more than one product at a time, which would prevent retailers with low priced items from saving on general shipping costs associated with multiple purchases.

Time will tell if small retailers will suffer, but there is little doubt that retailers who focus their budget exclusively on desktop will.

Google’s share of the shopping market is increasing and it is likely to be only a matter of time before Google release a Buy Button here in the UK. If you are a retailer currently using AdWords to sell your products, we recommend reviewing your current strategy to make sure you are competing and connecting with your customers on mobile.

To find out more about competing on mobile or reviewing your current AdWords strategy, email or comment below.

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