Google Ads Training – Invest NI

AdWords training delivered to 100s of businesses across Northern Ireland.

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Search Scientist have delivered Advanced AdWords training to 100s of Northern Irish businesses over the years.


This is how Invest NI described some of our workshops:

“Google AdWords is an important strand of any online marketing strategy. It allows your business to generate a predictable stream of highly targeted traffic. Adwords is a complex area of online marketing, often incorrectly utilised by businesses who sometimes don’t appreciate how challenging it is to develop an advertising campaign which gives a viable return on investment.


This workshop will take a practical approach to the topic, giving delegates a chance to see firsthand how to structure and run a typical campaign. It will cover keyword selection, generating advertising copy, website conversion optimisation and budget setting. Attendees will leave the workshop with a firm understanding of the possible applications of this technology within their business.”


We guided businesses on how to get the best out of their online advertising, including:


  • How to pay less per click
  • AdWords account structure
  • Default settings to be aware of
  • How to prevent wasting money
  • AdWords tracking
  • Reviewing AdWords data


See below for feedback from some attendees:


“Speaker very knowledgeable”


“Really good speaker. Very competent + nice presentation style”

“Overall good event. Great speaker”

“Speaker very good + informative”

“Some very valuable tips and knowledge picked up”

“Very good + helpful for a self employed person”

“Good event + educational”


“Very helpful, could see the added value this would bring to our business”

“These are very valuable – keep them coming!”

“The best presentation so far – engaging!”

“Very informative speaker – knows stuff + can convey it!”

“Speaker was excellent”

“Good, informative, interactive & useful!”

“Very interesting & informative”

“Booking Louise for AdWords management”

“Further development of AdWords campaigns – Louise provided some very good tips/advice. We’ll also be implementing reviews/rich snippets to improve CTR’s”

“I will contact the presenter to get her in and look directly at my business”

“Creating a brilliant PPC campaign!!”

“Testing Testing Testing!!!”

“Integrating adwords campaign, contact Louise McCartan!”



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