Where did Search Scientist come from?

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Looking back on this first blog post, I hope to later think – boy oh boy, what started off as a wee idea really became something great. What I’d especially be proud of is making a difference to local businesses, getting them a better ROI and more attention from consumers and not have them taken over by the big chain stores. I’ve had big clients before, and expect to continue that, but my real ambition is making things happen with local businesses. So if you’ve a business that you set up yourself I’d be happy to help you. I know what it’s like, and I’m keen for you to succeed.

Where Search Scientist really came from was that every time I explained to people what I do – they each remarked, “It’s like a science in itself really”. This is of course referring to Search Engine Optimisation and getting Online Advertising Campaigns working just right, so that your business flourishes as a result.

My background includes a Masters in Consumer Psychology Research (website usability, testing consumer’s e-commerce website interactions’ etc), working as a Market Researcher, a few years working as an Online Advertising Strategist in Google (and believe me – things move fast in there, so I learnt much more than 3 years worth of content), working as a Marketing Manager (offline and online), which all led nicely into setting up my own Online Marketing Consultancy – Search Scientist Ltd.

Search Scientist offers all online marketing services

– Search Engine Optimisation

– Online Advertising, specialising in AdWords

– Website Analysis and Reporting

– AdWords Training

You can find more details on SearchScientist.co.uk of course.

In further posts I’ll mostly keep you guys updated on what’s going on in the world of online advertising – especially what the big guys (Google, Yahoo! and Bing) are pushing out and changing. I look forward to hearing your responses and really kicking this blog and business off!

If you’ve any interest in my services, then never hesitate to contact me. For now the best option is via email – louise@searchscientist.co.uk

Many thanks,

Louise McCartan

Search Scientist

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