What is Quality Score?

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Each Keyword in your AdWords account is given a Quality Score. The Quality Score of a keyword is measured on it’s Click Through Rate (CTR), Relevancy and the quality of the Landing Page that the ad containing the keyword is sending visitors to.

The 1-10 Quality Score reported for each keyword in your account is an estimate of the quality of your ads and landing pages triggered by that keyword. Having a high Quality Score means that our systems think your ad and landing page are relevant and useful to someone looking at your ad. You can find out your Quality Score for any of your keywords.

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A Quality Score is important because it is used along with your Max Cost Per Click (CPC) bid to determine your Ad Rank.

Ad Rank =Max CPC x Quality Score

So your Actual Cost Per Click is worked out by dividing the Ad Rank of your closest competitor by your Quality Score and adding £0.01.

actual cost per click

This works in your favour as it means that if you have a higher Quality Score than your competitor you will pay less per click to move up the Ad Rankings. This is demonstrated in the table below.


Source: Search Engine Land

An average Quality Score is usually 7/10.  Higher than 7 is excellent and quite rare, below 7 is weak, below 3 is sick!

Factors influencing Quality Score are landing page quality and relevance, and click through rate and keyword relevance.

If you’re investigating low Quality Scores – first look externally at the Landing Page Quality. Is it Relevant, Original, Transparent, Navigable and fast?

ROTN 800X500

Then look internally starting at Campaign then Ad Group level checking for any trends, then work down into the CTR and relevance of the keyword itself. Don’t forget to check out the actual search terms that your keywords are expanding from to show your ads on!

search terms report

Hope you find this introduction to Quality Score helpful. If you’re struggling with improving your Quality Scores or getting the best return from your AdWords advertising, feel free to contact info@searchscientist.co.uk.

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