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If you haven’t investigated Twitter advertising yet – one aspect which helps the platform stand out from the heavy hitting Facebook / Instagram advertising options – is its TV and Event Targeting capabilities.

Twitter prides itself on ‘real time’ marketing. According to Kantar Media, in the UK, 40% of Twitter traffic at peak time is related to TV, and it’s been proven that watching TV programmes while using Twitter increases emotional responses.

As you go through the Twitter Ads Campaign set up process you’ll find all the usual demographic selections you’ll be familiar with from Facebook but you’ll also find the more useful Add Keywords and then Add TV Targeting and Add Event Targeting options.

One thing to note from the outset though is that Twitter’s TV and Event Targeting options do not as yet seem to stretch to Northern Irish or Rep.of Ireland programming or local events. You will need to think more Wimbledon – less Balmoral Show.

twitter Ads 4

TV Targeting

According to a 2013 Nielsen Survey – 3 in 5 of Twitter mobile users are on Twitter whilst watching TV.

Twitter Ads allows you to select to reach engaged users during one of two targeting windows:

  • Continuously, at any time your campaign is live (default)
  • During and immediately following new telecast airings only

Once you select a show it will give you an estimate of the Twitter users currently engaged with it – see screenshot below.

tv targeting twitter 5

Certain shows do generate an incredible amount of Twitter activity. Check out Kantar Media’s UK Top 5 Programmes generating Twitter activity from last week.

Kantar Twitter TV Ratings UK Leaderboard Kantar Media


As Twitter outlines in this infographic below – TV combined with Twitter generates an audience which is much more receptive to brand advertising on both mediums. Your brand doesn’t necessarily have to be advertising on TV to benefit from the Twitter uplift  – for example a show like Great British Bake Off when combined with other targeting selections could provide a unique peak time advertising window for a specific kitchen gadget.


Event Targeting

With Twitter Event Targeting, advertisers can check out a schedule of upcoming live events within a dedicated calendar, look over information about that event like its potential audience size and then buy promoted tweets that will be shown to people within a seven-day window of when the event is scheduled to take place.

For example the upcoming Olympics could present numerous opportunities for businesses planning campaigns using sports stars as ambassadors.

twitter event targeting

Marketing Land outlines the 3 main features of Twitter’s Event Targeting tool as follows:

  • A calendar that highlights major global events and events related to sports, holidays, festivals, television, music and politics in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Brazil and Japan. Users can filter by type of event, location and date.
  • Event insights, which provide historical data about how events have performed on Twitter, including how many people have tweeted, how many people those tweets reached, device usage and demographics about the audience. Insights also displays the most popular hashtags and keywords and tweets that got the most engagement, giving marketers ideas about content that has resonated in the past.
  • Event activation, which enables marketers to launch ad campaigns targeting events with one click. Event targeting can be combined with other Twitter ad targeting features such as gender, language and device.

Does it Work?

As with most social media advertising, Twitter Advertising is still a long way from the direct sales ROI type results you would get from AdWords – but TV and Event Targeting certainly helps establish Twitter as a decent contender for adspend investment in an overall marketing campaign.

Digital marketing agency Mindshare UK targeted Wimbledon and the British Open and saw engagement rate improvements ranging from 73% to 110% when compared to traditional targeting settings.

CocaCola made full use of Twitter’s TV  and Event Targeting with their #ChooseHappiness campaigns. Coca-Cola wanted to connect with people in happy moments, such as bank holidays, V-Festival, summer holidays – and the Rugby World Cup – contextualising what #ChooseHappiness meant each time. They then used Twitter sentiment analysis to actually quantify the amount of ‘happiness’ they had created with their campaign.


Something to consider for your next multi-platform marketing campaign in any case! For more info on social media advertising contact us on 028 9068 3790.

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