Search Scientist’s 5th Birthday

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Search Scientist Continues To Grow

Earlier this month, May 2015, Search Scientist celebrated 5 successful years in business. Our journey started back in 2010 when our Managing Director, Louise McCartan founded Search Scientist after working for Google as an AdWords Optimisation Specialist, Strategist and AdWords Trainer for more than three years. Since then Search Scientist has gone from strength to strength by remaining true to our core values:

  • Consistently achieve the best ROI for our clients
  • Determination to lead Search Marketing in Northern Ireland
  • Commitment to better ourselves in order to benefit our clients

Since 2013, Search Scientist has expanded from being just Louise to a team of 5. Last year, two new employees came on board, Barry our Search Engine Optimisation Specialist and Stephen our Online Marketing Assistant.

Search Scientist continued to grow throughout 2014 and true to form a new scientist has joined our team, Ash our Online Marketing Executive.

Birthday Celebrations

On Wednesday 6th May, after a busy day in the office, we kicked off the birthday celebrations with a glass of bubbly and some birthday cake. The event for the evening remained a surprise right up until we pulled into the carpark and spotted the ‘We Are Vertigo’ sign. We had arrived at Europe’s largest trampoline park!

Once inside, we spent an hour bouncing around on the trampolines, practicing our basketball skills and letting loose with a friendly game of Dodgeball. It wasn’t long before we wore ourselves out, turns out trampolining is a pretty tough workout!



Before we finished up we pitted ourselves against each other on the balance beam. Ash and Stephen predicted their low centre of gravity would be advantageous, but Barry’s huge reach was too much to handle.

It was then time for a light snack before tackling the Sky trail, where we were suspended 6 feet from the ceiling and faced with obstacles to navigate. Ash set the benchmark by navigating the course blindfolded, unfortunately, the rest of us were unable to follow suit.


We finished off the evening by taking on the 30ft climbing tower. This was perhaps the most challenging activity of the evening but we encouraged and supported each other to make it to the top. It was quite a rewarding feeling when abseiling back down.


We are delighted to be celebrating another successful year for Search Scientist and very excited to continue our mission to be the best Online Marketing Consultancy in Northern Ireland, and beyond.

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