Real-Time Ad Customisation

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Automatically Customise Your AdWords Ads from a Data Feed

Google recently announced a real-time Ad Customiser feature for use with AdWords, which allows the user to customise their ads in real time with information on the latest discounts and promotions.

This feature is excellent for advertisers who manage thousands of products on a regular basis, and also for search users as they will now benefit from fresher and more relevant ads, with the latest product or sale information.

Ad customisers can be used to create various ads that are most suitable to your situation. Users can insert a targeted keyword, the time that a particular sale ends, the number of items left in stock or any other text that you wish. For example, a line of your ad copy could read “Quick, only __ left in stock”. There are many of opportunities to optimise your AdWords campaigns. Additional features include:

  • Scalability – Create variations of your text ad and AdWords will show the most relevant to potential customers.
  • Tailored Messaging – Ads are specialised to each search query or relevant landing page.
  • Real-time Call to Action – You can highlight the amount of time left on a promotion or the number of remaining products in stock.

To use the ad customiser, you will need to complete your ad copy using ad customiser data, and upload it to the Business Data section of the Shared Library in AdWords, in the form of a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will include details like product, price and timing on promotions and which campaigns, ad groups or keywords they’re relevant for. Here is an example of how an ad customiser spreadsheet may look:



Ad Customiser Data

Ad customisation works by using parameters (ad customisers) that are inserted between curly brackets {}. When your ad is triggered by a user’s search, the parameter is replaced to display the most relevant ad copy.

Within the curly brackets, you will reference the name of the data set and one of the attributes from the spreadsheet.

For example, {=Routes.Discountprice} will reference the data set ‘Routes’ and the attribute of ‘Discountprice’, and the search ad would appear as shown below



Real-Time Ad Customisation

Ads with a real time countdown feature include an extra direction inserted between the curly brackets,

For example, {COUNTDOWN(Discounts.CountdownDate,’fr’)} this parameter will count backwards to the date the sale ends, which is indicated in the uploaded spreadsheet called under a ‘Discounts’ column.

screenshot04 (1)

This feature is very useful when managing multiple promotions across numerous product ranges, that change at a daily rate.


Keyword Insertion drawing Price & Product Details

You can also use the ad customiser to insert text triggered by a keyword, using the {Mixer: Model} parameter. Keyword insertion can be a real time saver, allowing you to create a single text ad with hundreds of variations, specific to the user’s search.


This is a convenient method to target customers with relevant and dynamic ads, and AdWords advertisers have reported a 113% increase in CTR on ads that display’s up to date information about timing, price and promotions.

Used correctly, ad customisers give customer’s confidence that your product or service is the best choice for them, and with real time ad customisers you can offer extra incentive to purchase from you. Helping reach your target audience more effectively and also meet performance goals.

If you have promotions running and would like to maximise the ROI on your AdWords campaigns, then get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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