Quick Guide to LinkedIn Advertising

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There are 2 different platforms for Ad Creation – Self-Service and Premium Market Solutions

1. Self-Service Advertising Platform

  • Available to any LinkedIn user – no need for committed big budget spend
  • 2 format options – Text /Image Ads or Sponsored Content
  • Choose to pay CPC or CPM – minimum daily spend $10.
  • In screenshot below – Text Ads in top banner and on right hand side, Sponored Content in Newsfeed (orange profile pic)

With a well managed LinkedIn company profile page to back it up – the Sponsored Content option would appear to be most effective with 3 click options – URL in content itself, Company Page title, and ‘FOLLOW’ page box on top right (see screenshot below of Avandale UK sponsored content).  LinkedIn are promoting it as ‘native’ advertising – i.e. advertising camouflaged as normal content.  Brands are seeing success with it but the recommendation is that ‘middle-weight’ content performs the best in this format, for example a blog with a white paper attached.  Sponsored Content is expensive and in most cases slow to show a good ROI – so ensure the content you’re promoting is of a quality suited to the professional network you are targeting.


Ad Positions on LinkedIn blurred names


2. LinkedIn Premium Advertising Marketing Solutions

Sponsored InMail and Display Ads such as Follow Company Ads, Spotlight Ads and Join Group Ads are Marketing Solutions products. Follow this link to learn more about LinkedIn premium advertising. Marketing Solutions products are purchased on a CPM basis with $25,000 (USD) minimum budget per quarter and come with an account management team. The screenshot below shows Sponsored InMail messages on the left and a Display Ad on the right.

ad positions 2 LinkedIn 2016-03-03 15-14-41


Best Reason to Use LinkedIn Advertising:

It’s the most accurate social platform to target users based on their work profession and skills – see extensive work related targeting options in screenshot below.
Targeting Options for LinkedIn Advertisements - LinkedIn Help Center 2016-03-03 14-27-51

Reasons Against Using LinkedIn Advertising

It’s expensive – very high cost per click compared to other platforms.

Also LinkedIn’s advertising management features are way behind other platforms, for example:

  • Limited performance reporting from within LinkedIn itself.
  • Options like remarketing and segmentation,  now common on other social media advertising platforms, still not available on LinkedIn.
  • Ads can take up to 24hours for approval.
So just a quick roundup to clarify your options on LinkedIn!
Contact us if you’d like to know more about improving your brand’s performance on social.
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