Optimise Your Google Shopping Campaign

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Want More From Your Google Shopping Campaign?

Google hs announced a number of new features to the Auction Insights Report that will help find new ways to improve your shopping campaigns and engage customers across all devices this festive season.

What Is The Auction Insights Report?

The Auction insights report has long been available for both Search and Shopping campaigns to help users identify missed opportunities and improve campaign performance.

To find your Auction Insights Report for your Shopping campaign, please follow these steps:

1. Sign into your AdWords account
2. Select your Google Shopping campaign
3. Click the “Details” box at the top of the statistics table and select “All” (as shown below)


You can now compare the performance of your ad groups to that of other advertisers participating in the same Shopping auction. This report allows you to see trends amongst your peers and presents opportunities to further develop strategic bidding strategies.

Insights report

Device time and segmentation

Search Impression Share

Easily identify which campaigns are limited by budget (Lost impression share) and which campaigns need further optimisation due to lost rank as a result of impression share.

You can identify your impression share under the dimensions tab.

impression share

Search Impression Share – Impressions received divided by the estimated impressions you were eligible for

Device and Time Segmentation

Use this feature to identify if your competition received more mobile impressions than you. This report can be segmented into weekdays, ideal if you wanted to refine your bidding strategy to receive more mobile impressions over the weekend or a particular weekday.

device segmentation

Impressions share per device

Mobile search is experiencing rapid growth and we strongly advise targeting mobile devices in your campaigns.

To find out more about AdWords adds specific to mobile devices, click here.

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