New Location Extension Ad Format For Mobile

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Google Increases Focus on Location-Related Searches

During the recent annual AdWords Livestream 2015, Google emphasised the importance of delivering relevant information to the user from the moment they search. Relevancy has become more important to the user than brand loyalty. In the last year, search interest in “near me” has doubled, with 80% coming from mobile devices. To help advertisers connect with customers, Google has recently announced a new mobile ad format, designed to be customised to the user’s surroundings, known as Nearby Business Ads.

Nearby Business Ads

Up to four paid business listings will display with directions and click-to-call links. This provides the user with the option of calling the business directly or visiting the store. Both encouraging the user to take action, which is ideal for businesses of all sizes that are keen to drive in-store conversions.


In order to be eligible to show this new ad format, you must have location extensions enabled in your account. Traditional location extensions for text ads use information from your Google My Business profile to show your business address, phone number and a map marker. Nearby Business Ads also pull information from your Google My Business profile but are optimised specifically for mobile devices that can make calls.

Ads can also appear on Google Maps for Mobile by enabling location extensions and opting to advertise with Google search partners in your campaign settings. Users can then use the map to navigate directly to your business location.

2If your business has multiple locations, Google will choose which locations are most convenient for the user and display them. The cost of clicking on an ad with an extension location is the same as a standard click.

Enable Location Extensions In AdWords

To enable location extensions in your AdWords account, you must first set up a Google My Business listing. We’ve put together a guide to help you with the process here. After successfully verifying your Google My Business listing you will be required to link it to your AdWords account to enable location extensions. This can be done in a few short steps:

  1. Log into your AdWords account
  2. Click the Ad Extensions tab
  3.  Select View: Location Extensions from the drop-down menu
  4. Click +EXTENSION. You will be prompted with a guide to help you link your Google My Business account and create location extensions

With the number of users searching from mobile devices on-the-go increasing significantly year on year and the number of “near me” search queries doubling in the last 12 months alone, it is recommended that businesses enable location extensions in their AdWords account so that they are fully responsive to user searches.

If you would like to know more about extensions that can be used when advertising on Google AdWords or advice on verifying your Google My Business listing, email us on Or call us on 028 9068 3790.


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