Lightbox Ads From Google AdWords

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Engage Customers with Lightbox Ads

Google Lightbox Ads allow AdWords advertisers to deliver engaging content to users on virtually any device and any screen size. Ads can be built in minutes using an existing AdWords template and importing content from YouTube, Google Maps and in the future advertisers will be able to integrate ads with content from Google Shopping and Google+.

What Does A Lightbox Ad Look Like?

Lightbox ads are available on the Google Display Network, they look like a standard Display ad until the user hovers over the ad which will then expand to a larger format and plays a video.

Lightbox ads have been available as an option when creating an Engagement ad campaign for some time. However, this new update relieves the amount of time required to deal with the complexity of mobile devices.


The Facts

All Lightbox ads are built in HTML5 using responsive design, this means that content will scale correctly to fill the website screen, mobile app or device – whether on desktop or mobile.

On desktop, user engagement is qualified by hovering over the ad for two seconds, cutting down on accidental expansions, while on a mobile device the user must tap on the ad for it to expand.

Advertisers are billed on a cost-per-engagement (CPE) basis, therefore helping your ads reach a more qualified audience. If the user does not expand the ad, there is no charge.

Custom Reporting

It is now possible to create new custom columns in AdWords reporting. This means you can now identify if your Lightbox ad campaign is performing better on mobile or desktop.


The new columns will make it easier to segment the metrics that matter to you most. Users can select from a range of existing metrics such as conversions or clicks and apply a segment like ‘Computers’ or ‘Mobile’ to create a new column for ‘Mobile clicks’ or ‘Computer conversions’.  The new custom columns can be added to any campaign you are currently running.

Lightbox ads provide the ideal platform for advertisers that wish to build creative and engaging campaigns to connect with their target audience, across all devices.

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