Callout Ad Extensions For AdWords

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Provide More Information To Your Customers

The more information you can display in your search ads, the stronger your message and the likelihood of potential customers clicking through to your site.

Google have recently announced Callout Ad Extensions, allowing search advertisers to show additional text about their product or services. This is a great opportunity for businesses to promote their own unique selling points such as, ‘Free Delivery’ or ‘Price Match Guarantee’ and provide more information to potential customers.

Callouts can also be used specifically to highlight offers or deals over seasonal periods, which could be particularly useful for businesses that are planning to cash-in on their online sales this upcoming Christmas period. Callout ad extensions do not replace any of the current ad text and can be displayed along with other ad extensions, such as sitelinkscall extensions and location extensions.

Callout extensions

You do not need to create new ads to include callouts, instead campaigns can be edited at the ad group level without losing any existing data. Ads can be customised for mobile devices and scheduled for a particular time of day and day of the week.

Callouts have only been available for a short period of time, rolling out since early September 2014, but Google are already reporting on a 9% increase in conversion rate with Callout extensions enabled. If using different callout variations for your search ads, we recommend monitoring each ad to identify which ad copy receives the greatest CTR and preforms best, and then optimise your callout text and settings to achieve advertising goals.

Creating a Callout Extension

Callouts will appear in the order you created them, with each callout being limited to 25 characters. For each ad group you can create up to four callout extensions with a minimum of two. We recommend using the maximum to ensure there are as many callouts as possible to show with your ad.

Here’s how to get started with your first callout extension:

  1. Login to your AdWords account and click the Add Extension tab
  2. Choose Callout Extensions from the View drop-down menu and click +Extension
  3. To create a new callout, click the New button
  4. Enter the text you wish to use in the widow that appears and click Save
  5. Select devices, All Devices is the default or you can specify Mobile devices or Desktop & tablet
  6. Click Save

This is the same process whether you are creating callouts at Account, Campaign or Ad Group level.

If you wish to edit callouts after they have been created, follow steps 1 & 2 and click>>’ next to the callout you would like to edit. Click on the pencil icon and make your desired changes. Click Save.

For Best Practice We Recommend

  1. Keep text short and be specific
  2. Create mobile-specific ads (when targeting)
  3. Analyse the performance of ads that contain callout extensions
  4. Optimise callout text to help reach advertising goals


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