Integrity vs Virality – which to choose?

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This week Search Scientist were delighted to be asked to be one of 6 speakers at Share 6 – a Blick Shared Studios event in Belfast on Brand Integrity.

The other speakers were designers, start up business owners and creatives and all spoke passionately about building their own brand or a client’s brand to accurately reflect at every stage in every way the brand’s history and core values.

As Search Scientist’s ‘Social Specialist’ my contribution was on balancing the integrity of your brand on social with your brand’s growth on social.

As you can see from the slides below – this involved cats.

Brand Integrity Presentation - Search Scientist3Dip your toe into the world of social media reporting and blogging and you will find daily recipes on the new magic way to create content for your brand that will most likely (but not guaranteed) go viral.

Brand Integrity Presentation - Search Scientist4

When you’re a start up business with little to no marketing budget, using social as a quick and easy way to grow your brand awareness is a logical step.  However thanks to Facebook’s slow but sure chipping away of organic reach for Business Pages – it’s not so quick and easy anymore.

So when on a daily basis your beautifully and sensitively crafted posts of your brand’s best points are getting zero Likes, these magic recipes for virality can start to have real appeal. Even at the expense of your brand integrity.

Brand Integrity Presentation - Search Scientist5

However, as I told the collected business owners and students at the Share 6 event – don’t do it!

Sacrifice your budget not your brand for social growth.

Brand Integrity Presentation - Search Scientist6Your brand may be in it’s awkward teenager phase in terms of social media growth – guide it wisely through this tricky period.

Brand Integrity Presentation - Search Scientist7

Learn from your elders on social. I picked a few brands which I would deem as having integrity – Guinness, LEGO, Durex and Sugru – and pointed out a few simple things which they do well on the mothership of all social media profiles, Facebook.

Brand Integrity Presentation - Search Scientist8The following slides show a few basic but highly effective management tactics these brands have used on social. Starting with Guinness – fill in your company’s history before Facebook.

Brand Integrity Presentation - Search Scientist9

LEGO have House Rules on their Facebook Page asking YOU not to post any irrelevant content. So it is unlikely they will.

Brand Integrity Presentation - Search Scientist10Durex are quick and professional to respond to comments and messages to their page.

Brand Integrity Presentation - Search Scientist11

And Sugru – a younger brand which began in 2004 – uses customer reviews on their Page to full effect. They’ve also installed the Trustpilot app on their page. (Search Scientist are partners with Trustpilot – ask us about discounts!).

Brand Integrity Presentation - Search Scientist12

I then closed the talk with a quick run through of how to wisely spend your money on Facebook promotions – with the entry level starter of Boosted Posts and the next step of Custom Audiences on Adverts Manager.

Brand Integrity Presentation - Search Scientist13Once you get to Adverts Manager level you can make full use of Facebook’s intensive targeting.

This combined with the Custom Audience tools results in Advertising Campaigns that are more cost effective by traditional advertising by a long way.

Brand Integrity Presentation - Search Scientist14

However this is just a toe dip into Facebook paid promotions – the possibilities expand every day. For example, Power Editor is a further step up from Adverts Manager – with options such as Product Catalogue Ads and Lead Ads.

All options which are much better for your brand than joining the latest viral cool club.

Contact us to find out more!


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