Dramatically Improve Website Analysis With Topical Trust Flow

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Here at Search Scientist we use several tools to inform us further on a website’s authority online, and on how that’s made up. For example, since it’s generally most beneficial to acquire links from other websites in a similar industry, the ability to see these websites broken down into over 800 categories is useful. This lets us immediately see the types of sites linking to the website we’re optimising. This is ‘Topical Trust Flow and saves from manually, often inaccurately categorising websites.

Majestic Topical Trust Flow

Majestic Topical Trust Flow Summary


How does it work?

Majestic SEO compares over 2.6 billion different websites from their directory against their 800 business categories and then uses a scorecard out of 100 to categorise each website into a particular group.

Alongside these categories you can also see the percentage of incoming links attributed to a particular category.  So if you work in a particular niche it is preferable that the majority of your links come from this niche rather than a broad range of categories.  For more information on this tool visit: https://blog.majestic.com/general/5-ways-successful-seos-topical-trust-flow/.

Benefits of using Topical Trust Flow

The Topical Trust Flow is a great way to get an instant snap shot of a website and what it relates to.  If you are trying to boost the rank of your website by link building then this tool will help point you in the right direction of websites that you should be targeting for back links.

Most SEO tools use an overall score to rank a website in terms of authority and it is a common mistake for some link builders to secure multiple links from various websites with decent authority to boost rank.  However, if you are up against a competitor who has maybe acquired less links but has acquired them from relevant and related websites belonging to their niche then it is more likely that this site will be given preference by the likes of Google.

Majestic SEO gives you a clear overview of the key links that you should be targeting by categorising them into business sectors giving you the luxury of cherry picking the top links at a glance without spending endless hours wading through thousands of back links.

Is your company displaying for the correct category?

A lot of the time your company may be ranking for a completely different category that has no relation to the industry that your company targets due to poor link building.  This is something that we can check for you here at Search Scientist.  We can analyse your website, point out the category that you are displaying for and help explain to you why this is the case.  We can then advise you on the appropriate steps to take to get your website back on track and displaying for the correct categories.

If this is something that would be of interest, feel free to get in touch.

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