Google Squared Certified & More AdWords Exams Passed

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To be a Google Partner, we’ve had to meet certain requirements. These include:

  • Having our team regularly pass Google AdWords and Analytics exams
  • Passing a minimum total client spend threshold
  • And very importantly, implementing best practices and staying up to date on new features across all client accounts.

As you can see below, even compared to other Google Partner agencies in the UK, we’re well above the average in terms of performance and customer care.

adwords performance and customer care search scientist

This month has been a particulary studious month for the Search Scientist team as Ash graduated from the award winning Google Squared Online Certificate in Digital Marketing as well as both Barry and Jane passing Google AdWords exams as part of our ongoing Google Partner certification status.

Google Squared Certified

Google Squared is an award-winning Digital Marketing course developed by Google and endorsed by both IAB and IPA. This is a recognised and highly regarded qualification to denote high calibre digital marketing talent and leadership. The course is taught online by industry professionals and Ash completed 130 hours of practical learning over 5 months – mostly working in collaborative ‘virtual teams’ with other Google Squared participants across the world.

Here’s what Ash had to say about the course:

I thoroughly enjoyed the Squared couse, as the material was both practical and interactive – every class was taught with real life examples and, where possible, applied to specific situations within my own day to day activities.
The syllabus was very broad initially and got more specific as the course progressed. It also gave me a lot of information about the latest technologies that will revolutionise the digital landscape in the coming years, such as wearables, 3D Printing and automated driving.
The best insights were the walk-throughs on Google Analytics, AdWords and the broader lessons on the customer journey and the typical consumer decision making process.


Google AdWords Exams – ‘Think like Google’

The AdWords exams cover all areas from campaign set up, through management and ongoing optimisation. There are specific exams for each of the core areas within AdWords, such as Mobile, Shopping, Display, Search etc. To pass each exam you must review study modules provided by Google then complete the exam online – all the exams have a minimum grade pass mark of 80% and you must complete them within 120 minutes. Industry advice on successfully passing the exams is to ‘Think Like Google’ – it’s important to stay up to date and be in the know on features to come.  The exams are typically in multiple choice format with cryptic hypothetical scenarios.

Once you pass an exam – your certificate in the case of most exams is only valid for a year and then you need to retake the exam to remain certified. Google is now evolving faster than ever, especially with the recent massive surge in mobile traffic. Regular exams help to ensure that we’re up to date with the latest Google AdWords developments.

Google Partners - Certification 2016-03-14 17-43-49

So the Search Scientist team will continue our Google Partner duties in remaining certified, implementing best practices and staying up to date on new features across all client accounts. You can also see testimonials from our clients to see what they think of the support and results we provide.

Google Partner Client Perks

Our close working relationship with Google as a Google Partner also means that we have the following benefits for Clients:

  • Allows us to get our clients on to Beta test versions of new products/features.
  • Gives us a direct line to a team of AdWords Specialists within Google to help to keep us up to date on the ever changing AdWords landscape
  • Provides us with research facilities, such as Hitwise reports for clients
  • Includes ongoing AdWords training
  • And of course vouchers! For new clients we can offer up to £120 worth of free AdWords clicks.

Get a Free Second Opinion on your AdWords Account

In short – if you’re thinking that you’re in need of AdWords Management, you’ve come to the right place! Our specialty is revamping old, tired AdWords accounts and making them work a lot harder for you. If you’d like a second opinion on your AdWords account, get in touch – or 028 9068 3790.

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