Google Reviews Incorporate Facebook Reviews

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Reviews from the Web

You may have noticed recently that reviews from the web are now appearing within your Google My Business profile. These are available across the world on mobile and desktop, pulled from up to three review sites including Facebook, bringing customer reviews even more to the forefront of your customer’s journey.

Google My Business

Being Nice Goes a Long Way

Great customer service remains the bedrock of any successful business and in order to manage your online reputation it really is more important than ever.

Online reviews mean one person’s positive or negative experience becomes amplified – pushing your brand and their story into the digital space.

With a staggering 88% of online shoppers reading reviews before they part with their hard earned cash, good reviews can not only convert someone into becoming a customer but can also keep them coming back again and again.


How to Get Great Reviews

  1. Simply Ask. When you know a customer has had a great experience with you don’t forget to drop them an email explaining how to leave you a review and what it would mean to you if they did. Why not pop an ask at the bottom of your business cards or do a call out on Facebook.
  2. Make it Easy. In your email provide a direct link to your Google Review form – check out our handy tip for tweaking the link to a 5 star Google review below!
  3. Value Honesty. Never imply to a customer that it must be a good review. Allow them to be open and honest.
  4. Be Human. If a friend left you a message to say they were upset you wouldn’t just ignore it would you? If someone leaves a bad review, no matter how bad, don’t retaliate with an angry counter response but do always respond to a negative review. Remember we’re all only human and sometimes humans get cranky! Do a little digging to find out the context of the complaint. Keep it short and sweet – Own up to a mistake, apologise and, if appropriate, offer something in return. Showing you care will mean the world to not only that customer but other prospective ones reading it.


Creating a Direct Link to a 5 Star Google Review

  1. Search for your company by name in Google and click to write a review
  2. When the review box pops up copy and paste the URL into a new window

Google My Business Online Review

Your URL will look similar to this:,3,

  1. The magic number is the 3, at the end! Next change this 3, to 3,5,

Now your URL will look something like this:,3,5,

  1. Send this new link to a customer. When they click on it a box will pop up with a 5 star Google review ready to go just like below! All they have to do is write a few lovely comments and click post.

Online Reviews

Honestly give it a go! We were amazed too!

The really great thing about online reviews? Not only do they help with local SEO they also help tell your story. With reviews your customers become your marketers, telling the world just how amazing you are! The only thing left to do …. Give it a go!  

For help in setting up your Google My Business Page simply get in touch. Email

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