Google Performance Summit on May 24th 2016

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At Search Scientist, we always try and keep on top of the latest innovations within the world of Search Engine Marketing. This is why we were excited to tune into the latest Google Innovations Keynote on May 24th 2016.

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Below I will summarise the main takeaways from the various speeches that will impact upon AdWords reporting & activity over the next year:

  • Bids will be able to be set separately for tablet, mobile and desktop, which is a big progression from Google’s previous strategy of anchoring campaigns for desktop first, then adjusting for mobile. This new way of thinking promotes putting mobile first and ensuring that your ads and website run seamlessly and consistent across all devices.
  • In a response to search behaviour showing that people are using their mobile devices to seek nearby businesses and events, new local search ads will be added on and Google Maps. This will include Promoted Pins, which will allow companies to target certain geographical areas and pay to have a pin highlighted on their location, to coincide with their promotion, on specific searches.
  • The Character length of ad descriptions and headlines with be increased, allowing for 50% more ad text. Instead of just one 25-character headline, ads will feature two 30-character headlines. A consolidated 80-character description also replaces the former two lines of 35 characters each. Additionally , Google will try to shave down ads rejected for incorrect URLs by automatically extracting the domain from the final URL.
  • Demographics for Search is being introduced over the next few months, which will allow you to define your audience based on age and gender, similar to how you define the display ads audience
  • Similar Audiences will also become available for Search, meaning you can use remarketing lists to target users that share attributes with your current visitors. This, again, was previously only available on the display network prior to this event.
  • Completely new AdWords layout, which involves changing the home page to visualise your data in graphs and show you optimisations, as shown in the below screenshots. It will allow for your account to be tied more to your specific goals and objectives. This will be rolled out to all accounts by the end of 2016/start of 2017.


  • Also, on AdWords layout- Location, Ad Scheduling and Device optimisation will be moving into the left-hand menu, so that you are never more than 1 click away from these sections, throughout the entire account.

screencapture (52)

  • Every time you make a new campaign, it will ask you to name one objective that you are hoping to achieve e.g. get more calls, more site traffic, more sales. While this won’t limit any features available to you, it will affect the campaign & optimisation suggestions that Google offers to you and your account.

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For more information on the changes to AdWords or what they have planned over the next year, please visit If you have any queries about how these changes will impact you or your business, please drop me a line at, or call at 02890683790.

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