Search Scientist is an Official Google Partner

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google partner search scientistAdWords Certified Since 2006

Search Scientist have proudly been a Google Partner since 2010 when the program began. Before that, our Founder, Louise McCartan, has actually been Google AdWords Certified since 2006. She was actually among the first in the world to become officially AdWords certified!

What being a Google Partner Means

To be a Google Partner, we’ve had to meet certain requirements. These include:

  • Having our team regularly pass Google AdWords and Analytics exams (with 7 to take in total, and these to be retaken as content gets updated every year or so)
  • Passing a minimum total client spend threshold
  • And very importantly, implementing best practices and staying up to date on new features across all client accounts.

As you can see below, even compared to other Google Partner agencies in the UK, we’re well above the average in terms of performance and customer care. This is something we’re always focused on. You can also see testimonials from our clients to see what they think of the support and results we provide.

adwords performance and customer care search scientist

Indeed, in 2015, Google recognised Search Scientist as being among the most promising Google Partner Agencies in EMEA! We were invited along with approx 200 other agencies across all of Europe, the Middle East and Africa to their Google Accelerate 2 day conference. You can find out more about this, and see some photos, here.

Google Partner Client Perks

Being a Google Partner, we have a close working relationship with Google. This:

  • Allows us to get our clients on to Beta test versions of new products/features.
  • Gives us a direct line to a team of AdWords Specialists within Google to help to keep us up to date on the ever changing AdWords landscape
  • Provides us with research facilities, such as Hitwise reports for clients
  • Includes ongoing AdWords training
  • And of course vouchers! For new clients we can offer up to £120 worth of free AdWords clicks.

Above & Beyond Being a Google Partner

At Search Scientist we go above and beyond. It’s just how we do things. Not only are we a Google AdWords Partner, but we also:

  • Deliver AdWords training to Partner Agencies on behalf of Google
  • Work very closely with Google’s Digital Agency Business Coach. See our Director, Louise featured in the video from Google below!
  • Won Google’s UK Wide 2015 ‘Ready To Rock’ AdWords Competition

Get a Free Second Opinion on your AdWords Account

So, if you’re thinking that you’re in need of AdWords Management, you’ve come to the right place. Our specialty is revamping old, tired AdWords accounts and making them work a lot harder for you. If you’d like a second opinion on your AdWords account, get in touch – or 028 9068 3790.

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