Google Announce New AdWords Products

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Mobile Search Overtakes Desktop Search

Google’s annual AdWords Livestream took place yesterday, May 5th, 2015. Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management revealed for the first time that mobile search has overtaken desktop search and that “availability is part of relevancy” for mobile searchers. Dischler explained that trends in mobile behaviour have shown that relevance triumphs over brand loyalty, that providing the customer with what they want in that instant is what is most important. It is about connecting with the customer at the right moment and on the right device. Google announced a number of new AdWords products to help marketers provide relevancy in the moment.

AdWords Livestream 2015


New Ad Experiences For Mobile

Google revealed that there has been 175% year on year growth in mobile searches and 93% of people who search on mobile make a purchase. Google has provided advertisers with three new ad formats. Each format is designed to be more engaging on mobile with a focus on screen-swipes rather than mouse clicks, to meet customers’ needs in the initial moments of their search. The new ad formats have been designed for three specific industries:

  • Automotive
    Google will provide an image carousel of the inside and outside of a car. Tapping on the ‘Dealers’ link below the image will bring up a SERP with ads for relevant dealers at the top of the page.
  • Hotel Ads
    Hotel Ads will now appear with a range of information such as prices, user ratings, availability, locations and Google street view. There will be a ‘Book’ button to direct users to the relevant site when they are ready.
  • Mortgages
    This is an addition to Google Compare. This feature will allow users to compare mortgage rates and customise specific criteria such as rate, terms of the loan and fees before clicking through to an approved lender.

In all instances, Google will provide as much information as possible before the user is required to tap through the ad to continue with the purchase. These new ad formats will initially be released in the USA and are expected to be made available in the UK later this year.

Dynamic Search Ads Overhaul

Dynamic search ads automatically show timely and relevant ads based on the content of your website, without the need to manage keywords. Google announced that dynamic search ads as we know them are getting a revamp. New features will include recommended category targets, suggested CPC’s for each target and improved visibility into the ads and landing pages Google selects for you.

Dynamic Search Ads

Automated Bidding

Automated bidding allows advertisers to be more effective with their bidding strategies. Google revealed a new bid simulation tool that will allow advertisers to work towards achieving different cost-per-acquisition (CPA) targets, and a new reporting dashboard will provide advertisers with more transparency and control to evaluate bid strategies over time.

New Campaign Measurement Tools

Google announced a number of much-welcomed measurement tools to allow advertisers to measure performance of the customer’s journey through search across various devices, apps, calls and stores. Being able to measure all metrics is key to measuring the full impact of a campaign.

  • AdWords Attribution with Automated Bidding
    Advertisers can now move beyond the last click model and select an attribution model relevant to specific conversion types. The model selected will be reflected in AdWords reporting and linked to automated bidding. Google also announced data-driven attribution that will calculate the actual contribution of each keyword across the conversion path. Allowing advertisers to bid accordingly.
  • Cross-Device Conversions with Automated Bidding
    New tools will allow advertisers to measure paths to conversion across various devices. This update will be rolled out later this year and provide advertisers with an option to include cross-device conversions as part of the conversion column in AdWords. Cross-device bidding will be integrated into automated bidding. Cross-device conversions will also include measurement for conversions that started in an app but completed using a browser etc.

cross device conversion


We are excited about all of these new AdWords products, in particular, cross-device conversion tracking, updated automated bidding and new bid simulation tools.

Using these new tools we will be able to better understand the consumer’s path to purchase across various devices, we can calculate attribution better and bid accordingly. Allowing us to connect with the customer in the moment when they are intent.

We would love to know what you think about Google’s new products? Please let us know by commenting below.


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