Google AdWords Topic Targeting

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What is Google AdWords Topic Targeting?

Topic Targeting is a new, easy way to place your ads on the Google AdWords Display Network. The Display Network is a large group of websites that Google has partnered with where AdWords advertisers can place their ads. AdWords advertisers could previously place their ads on the Google Display Network by selecting the website domain they wanted to appear on or by adding keywords to build a contextual theme of website content they wanted to appear on. Those two options remain, but now there’s also a new option.

You can now select where your ads appear by topic. With this additional Display Network Topic Targeting option you’ll be able to choose from over 1,750 topics and subtopics to place your ads on. This also means you won’t have to worry about finding individual websites to target or putting contextual keyword lists together.

For an introduction to Topic Targeting and to see how to set it up, check out this brief video from Google AdWords below.

Display Network & Topic Targeting Must Knows

Before setting up Topic Targeting please take a quick look through the points below. They could save you a lot of money in the long run as neither the Display Network or Topic Targeting are for everyone.

  • Display Network targets browsers/researchers. Does that match your target audience?
  • Check your Campaign Settings. Are you targeting the Display Network already? Be sure that was intended.
  • Display and Search Network campaigns should have separate campaigns. Do not target both in the same campaign. Check your Campaign Settings.
  • Display Network can be good for branding/publicity. Equivalent of magazine ads, but online.
  • Display Network may not accrue as many direct conversions as the Search Network (ie. ads on search results pages)
  • Topic Targeting can increase your Display Network audience. Good if you want more eyeballs on your ads.
  • Display Network & Topic Targeting is likely to work best if you’ve an easy conversion (e.g. free, quick signup, use of an online calculator etc.)

I hope you found this article useful. Questions and comments welcome.

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