Email Databases – What are they good for?

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Email Databases can allow you to reach your customers on other platforms outside of their email inboxes. Here’s a few options to consider.

Email Databases

Facebook Custom Audiences

You can upload your email database to Facebook and it will find the profiles on Facebook linked to those emails to create an Email Database Custom Audience. You can then create ad campaigns targeted to the newsfeeds of these profiles.

Facebook may prove to be the platform where your customers are more responsive to your marketing messages. There is also the option to follow up your email marketing messages with reminder adverts on Facebook.

The minimum email database size is 100. Also once you’ve created your Email Database Custom Audience on Facebook, Facebook will allow you to create a ‘Lookalike’ of this audience – this are profiles which Facebook finds in your target country, similar to the ones in your existing Custom Audience.

You must have at least 100 matching Facebook profiles in the country you wish to target within your database to do this. When you are creating it, Facebook will give you the option to make the Audience Size between 1-10% of the population who are similar to your existing audience – 1% being the closest match.

Google AdWords Customer Match

Similar to Facebook Custom Audiences, you can upload your email database to Google AdWords and it will find the Google profiles with those emails. You can then target your customers with ads while they are using Google Search, YouTube and Gmail.

Within Google Search, YouTube and Gmail you can target customers and optimise bids based on what you know about their activities.

To find out more go to Google’s support page.

No Email Database?

If your company hasn’t yet built up an email database you could consider using your LinkedIn Connections.  It’s possible to export your LinkedIn Connections as a CSV. Bear in mind that if you do consider this option, you must be satisfied that you are in compliance with Google AdWords and Facebook’s policies on collecting customer information.

When you are logged in to LinkedIn, go to the ‘My Network’ dropdown, select ‘Connections’, then click the Settings cog on the right hand side of the Connections title banner. It will bring you this screen shown below – with the ‘Export Connections’ option on the right.

Manage Sources - LinkedIn 2016-04-28 13-16-09


Just a few tips to note!


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