Creating a NEW Google Shopping Campaign

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Google Shopping Campaigns

Google is in the process of transitioning from the standard Product Listing Ad (PLA) campaign format to a new Google Shopping campaign format. The option to move to the new format is now available worldwide. Google will be automatically converting these campaigns by the end of August 2014.

Here at Search Scientist we’ve been playing with the new Google Shopping campaign type for a while now. We’ve found that the transition isn’t quite as smooth as we’d like it to be, but have put together some tips to make this as easy as possible for you. You can check these out in our PLAs versus Google Shopping Campaign article. For now though, we’ll walk you through how to actually go about creating a new Google Shopping campaign, in the new format. We suggest pausing this new campaign if it’s replacing a successful PLA campaign until you’ve read this blog post.

The good news is. The actual process of creating a new Google Shopping campaign couldn’t be easier! See below for step by step instructions to create a new Google Shopping campaign from scratch and have a look at how to target a specific product group or segment within your product inventory.

Step 1

Log into your AdWords account and create a new Shopping Campaign (as below):


Create your campaign by providing a campaign name, location and bid details.

Step 2

Create a new Ad Group for your campaign:


In the left hand sidebar you will see that I have created a new campaign called ‘NEW PLA’; Step 1. Now I have to create an ad group for the campaign. Above you will see I have called this ad group ‘AM Tech’ and have included some promotional text ‘Free Delivery on Till Rolls’. Click save and continue to proceed to the next step.

Step 3

Now that I have created my new Google Shopping campaign, and created my ad group, the next thing I want to do is select a group from my product inventory to target. Firstly I must click into my ad group and select the Product Groups tab.


To select the group I want to target I am going to click on the + sign beside ‘All products’. I now have full access to my product inventory and can select from category, product type, brand, condition, product id and custom labels.


I want to include all products from the AM Tech brand to be targeted in this ad group. So I subdivide all products by brand and select AM Tech before continuing.

So far, I have created a new ad campaign and a new ad group for the campaign, I have selected the products I want to target in this campaign so now I must set my Max CPC for the product group so I click on the £ symbol and manually enter.


In three steps I have created a new Google Shopping campaign targeting one brand from my extensive product inventory and set my max bid for each ad group.


Google Shopping campaigns streamline how you connect with your customers and target your products online. A very useful marketing tool indeed. Hope this step by step guide helped. Let us know if you have any questions. We’d be happy to help.


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