Conversion Optimisation

There’s little point in driving lots of traffic to your website if it’s not likely to convert. Before we start a campaign we make sure that tracking is all in place to record all types of relevant conversion data. We also look at the user journey through your site. It’s important for example that every page (and especially landing pages) have a clear call to action, guiding the user on what they should do or where they should go next. Without this you’re likely to have a high bounce rate and waste money on your digital marketing. It’s important that we can work hand in hand with you and your web designer to make your website work hard at converting the traffic that it receives.

Conversion Optimisation is the process of turning more of your website visitors into customers, refining a website and advertising to maximise sales, email signups, or other actions defined as a goal. A site that engages in conversion optimisation will always be improving.

We use Google Analytics, Ad Experiments and Optimizely to test which variations work best. Our recommendations are based on statistical data, so any changes can be confidently passed on to web designers.

Here’s an Example:

Let’s say that 1 out of 100 of your visitors becomes a customer, then your conversion rate is 1%.

With an average basket value of £100 per customer, increasing your conversion rate even just to 2% means that you’re getting £200 from every 100 visitors rather than £100.

Imagine then over a longer time period, where your site has accrued 10,000 visitors. Where you previously would have made £10,000 you’re now making £20,000!

If your conversion rate is low, then you may be better off investing in conversion rate optimisation rather than just spending more on increasing traffic.

The process

  1. We make sure that your tracking is set up fully and correctly
  2. We monitor site data to discover areas that you’re losing visitors
  3. We also source areas that convert well for you and work to expand on this
  4. We run tests on ad and website variations
  5. There’s continued analysis, testing and changes made

We apply this same basic process to traffic being led to your site. We drive targeted traffic to your site, then make sure that it generates the highest possible return.

Usability Testing

We can also conduct usability testing with to look for flaws in the sales process. We test your site with several participants, run through the site, put together a report on how the site could be improved and problems people have.

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