Common Conversion Mistakes

Poor User Experience – If the user is forced to make lots of clicks to checkout, sales drop.

Form design – Websites that ask users to fill in a form must make it as easy as possible. Don’t ask for unnecessary information, because people are lazy.

Call to Action Buttons – What action are you trying to get your customers to do? Is it clear what will happen when they click that button?

Product Descriptions – they need to convey as much information about the product as possible. The more expensive a product, the more information the user will need to make a purchase. They also need to be easily read, so style them appropriately.

Site Speed – If a site is slow to load, then it’s going to really affect your websites bottom line. Best to invest in a fast server that’s located in the country where your sales come from. Some CMS systems like Shopify offer a CDN (Content Delivery Network) for extra speed.

Security – If a site hasn’t got https:// as standard on their checkout, people will leave pretty quickly!