Why not to buy followers on social media

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Paying for Facebook Likes

You might have come across somebody online offering to massively boost your Facebook business page likes. It generally means bad news. Lets face it, you haven’t earned these likes. Consider an increase in likes over a short space of time from Facebook’s point of view. They already view your content (the things you post on your wall) based on an algorithm called EdgeRank. If this algorithm exists for content, Facebook are very likely to have algorithms in place for spam and fraudulent activity too. Here’s the official line that Facebook are taking.

Can I buy likes for my Facebook Page?

Technically yes. But if you asked me ‘should I buy likes for my Facebook page?’, I’d have to say no. Certain websites can provide you with 1000s of Facebook page likes almost  instantly once your £20 hits their bank account. These websites typically use deceptive practices or are scams. People who like your page this way will be less valuable to your page because they won’t necessarily have a genuine interest in what your page is about. If Facebook’s spam systems detect that your page is connected to this type of activity, they’ll place limits on your page to prevent further violations of their Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Facebook Ads as an Alternative?

You can pay for ads and sponsored stories to promote your page so more people will see it. This can lead to your page getting more likes. Running ads and sponsored stories is not the same as directly purchasing likes.

Poor content = less likely to make it onto your fans news feeds

Not all content is created equal. Remember that If you post poor quality content, and don’t get likes or shares from it, the likelihood of content being posted to your fans news feeds in the future dwindles. Likes that are bought will not engage, or share any content that you put up. Ever. All that fake likes do is to give the impression that your page is more popular than it actually is. The most important metric in determining a business page success isn’t the amount of likes it has, but the ‘Amount of people talking about this’ figure. Take Innocent smoothies for example. As of September 2013, they have over 350,000 likes. Now look at the amount of people talking about this: over 20,000. This means that they have the following attributes: 1. They post quality content 2. That content gets liked and shared often

Paying for Twitter Followers

Paying for followers runs along the same dubious lines as Facebook. Aside from the moral objections, Twitter state: “We do monitor how aggressively users follow other users” and “The Twitter Rules addresses the use of these programs by disallowing: using or promoting third-party sites that claim to get you more followers (such as follower trains, sites promising ‘more followers fast,’ or any other site that offers to automatically add followers to your account).”

How to increase engagement on social media

So if you’re put off paying for likes or followers, where do you go? Here’s a 5 quick tips to help boost your numbers 1. Encourage sharing by asking questions 2. Vary post types and times 3. Run competitions /giveaways 4. Consider advertising on the platform 5. Include sharing buttons on your emails and on your site.

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