AdWords Livestream 2015

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Annual AdWords Livestream 

Google will be announcing a number of upcoming product launches on May 5, 2015. The theme of the announcement will coincide with the recent algorithm update and focus on the importance of mobile devices in the customer’s journey through search.

Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management, will announce new innovations designed around how users engage with technology and based on feedback from customers all over the world. The event will be a 45minute livestream and you can register here to be part of the live announcement.

This is an important announcement as these new innovations will provide businesses with improved opportunities to influence customers at critical moments and offer better campaign measurements across various devices.


AdWords Livestream 2014

AdWords Livestream is an annual event where Google announce the next generation of advertising innovations. Here is our top 3 major AdWords announcements from 2014.

  1. Google Shopping Campaigns
    Google shopping campaigns replaced traditional Product Listing Ads (PLAs). The new format has provided advertisers with improved insights and in-depth reporting allowing advertisers to make smart decisions for their accounts. Google Shopping proved popular in 2014 and that is set to continue in 2015.
  2. Callout Ad Extensions
    Callout Extensions provided advertisers with the opportunity to display more information about their business and push their unique selling point (USP). Extensions can be added at campaign/ad group level, can be made mobile specific and can be scheduled to appear at specific times of the day.
  3. Call Tracking with Website Call Conversion
    Ideal for business that prefer a ringing telephone than clicks on a website. Call tracking with call conversion helps advertisers identify what keyword the user clicked on that resulted in a phone call. This combined with advanced targeting options allows for campaigns to be optimised and for businesses to achieve their goals.

We are eagerly anticipating this year’s AdWords Livestream. Let’s us know if you’ll be tuning in and what announcements you would like to see.

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