Mobile Ad Options with AdWords

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50% of All AdWords Clicks on Mobile

More and more of us are now using our smart phones to search online. Whether we’re searching for directions to a new restaurant, checking scores for the match, or searching in response to a TV ad,  Google search traffic on phones is hugely on the up. So much so that 50% of all paid clicks on Google are on track to be from mobiles by the end of 2015.

Go Responsive

Many businesses are aware of this trend and have been busy ensuring that their website is ‘responsive’. A responsive website is one that adapts to optimally display content for all screen sizes.

Tip: Drag your browser window from the corner to make it smaller or larger and see how a responsive website (such as adapts.

This gives you an idea of how the content will be shown on tablets and smart phones. Having a responsive website has played a key part in many businesses being able to reach their customers while they’re on the go. If your website isn’t already responsive, seriously think about upgrading your site. If you’ve any questions on this, feel free to get in touch. We build affordable, responsive, SEO friendly websites based on WordPress.

Direct & Assisted Conversions from Mobile

With mobile AdWords traffic it’s particularly important to check your Assisted Conversions report in Google Analytics. This will show the conversions generated from people who clicked on your AdWords ads, visited your site, left your site and only later came back to your site to convert. Studies show that it’s particularly the case with mobile that people will research on their phones and later buy in store or on their computer (as below). This is something worth bearing in mind when totting up the value of your mobile ads.  


Getting the Most of Your Mobile AdWords Ads

To be sure that you’re not missing out on revenue generated from mobile ads, we are going to take a closer look at the types of AdWords ads that can appear on mobile devices with full browser capabilities, such as:

  • Text Ads
  • Image Ads
  • App Promotion Ads


Text AdsClick-to-call-adwords
These ads will appear the same as they do on your desktop computer. However, on mobile phones there will be fewer ads displayed per page and often the size of the text ads will be limited. For best practice we recommend,

  • Include mobile specific wording in ad copy or in the URL. For example, indicates to the user that they will enjoy a good mobile experience on your site.
  • Include ad extensions, such as click to call, so that customers can call you directly from the ad.


image-adsImage Ads
The image ads that are used for mobile phones are similar to normal image ads that appear on desktop computers. To advertise on mobiles with image ads you’re best to have a separate Display Network campaign. Select this option when creating a new campaign. Get the most out of your image ads with our tips:

  • 240 x 400 sized ads tend to work well on mobile devices, but other sizes are available and the more variations the better.
  • Ensure the user is presented with the exact information they expect to see on the landing page.
  • Have clear calls to action and fast loading time. Remember, mobile users tend to leave sites that don’t load quickly.



App Promotion Adsmobile-app
If driving downloads is the primary objective of your AdWords campaign then this ad type has the potential deliver results. Ads can be run across search and display networks.

Ads are designed to display on devices where they are most likely to be effective, such as mobile phones and tablets. If you are including App Promotion Ads in your AdWords campaign, we recommend:

  • Ensure the download process is as simple as possible for the user by linking the ad directly to the relevant app download store.
  • When targeting on the Display network, make sure that the format of your app is suitable for the type of mobile phone you are targeting. For example, an Android app should only show on android devices and iPhone apps should only appear in iPhones.


Dedicating time to optimizing these mobile ad types in your AdWords account will help ensure that you do not miss out on potential conversions. If you’ve any questions about mobile advertising through AdWords, feel free to get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

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