What is AdWords?

AdWords: Google’s Online Pay Per Click Advertising Program

It enables businesses to get new customers by targeting people searching for their product or service. Almost 90% of people in the UK and Ireland use Google as a search engine. Google receives the most search traffic worldwide, allowing you more reach and more niche targeting than is possible with other search engines.

Basically, you place your ads on the Google search results page and when someone clicks on your ad to be brought through to your site you pay Google. That is, you pay per click.

You may notice that there are ad results above the free ‘organic’ search results. The ads in this position generally get the most traffic and are the most desired ad spaces. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re the most expensive. Google rewards ads that users click by placing them at the top. Only the ads that are most relevant to the users search query, that lead to the most suitable website content are rewarded with the top spots.

Thus, your AdWords account needs to be optimally structured, and what users search for needs to be researched. This work can get you to the top, and sometimes even at a lower cost than the ads down at very bottom of the page are paying. With AdWords you pay per click. An AdWords consultant can study your market and statistics and ensure that the clicks you receive are worthwhile and likely to convert. Thus, with an AdWords consultant you can save on wastage, and get up into the top positions. See below for more details on Search Scientist’s AdWords Consultancy.

You might have also seen ads as you browse websites online, or in Gmail, or on YouTube. These can also be targeted through AdWords. Ask us about Display Advertising or YouTube Advertising to find out more.

AdWords Services

Search Scientist AdWords Consultancy

Search Scientist can build your AdWords account for you, if you don’t already have one. We can optimise your current AdWords account to improve your Return On Investment. We provide ongoing AdWords management, to continually optimise and maintain your AdWords advertising for you. We also offer AdWords training.

As a Google Partner we can even give you an AdWords voucher worth up to £120 to help you get started!

Contact us today for more information on AdWords Consultancy. Email us on info@searchscientist.co.uk or phone us on 028 9068 3790.