AdWords Audit

AdWords accounts can get messy and out of control over time. Often they go through being managed by several different people, or gather lots of campaigns that make them hard to manage. This is when your AdWords account could really benefit from a second opinion from a pair of expert, fresh eyes.

AdWords Audit

Search Scientist is a Google AdWords Certified Partner as well as being fully Google Analytics Certified. Our Director is a former Google employee who trained Googlers and agencies on how to optimise accounts, backed by 10+ years of experience.

We’ve been working on optimising AdWords accounts day in, day out, since 2006. Over that time we’ve come to learn what works and what doesn’t and we know how an AdWords account can be turned around and properly structured to improve ROI.

What’s included in an AdWords Audit?

  • We go through each of your campaigns, ad group by ad group, reviewing keywords, ads, settings and your stats.
  • If you’re missing out on any new features (that Google’s constantly adding) we’ll guide you on new ones that may be of use to you.
  • If there are problems with your tracking, we’ll guide you to fix them.
  • The audit report is fully tailored to your AdWords account.

AdWords Services

When is an AdWords Audit the Best Option?

Going for an AdWords audit option does mean that you’ll have a to do list for you to follow up on. If you don’t have time and aren’t particularly experienced with AdWords, you may be better off getting us to get stuck into optimising your account for you. This can often work out at a similar cost to the audit and without you to take time to make all the changes yourself.

If you’re not comfortable and experienced with AdWords optimisation already yourself, you’ll likely tear your hair out and make mistakes that send the account even more askew. → AdWords Optimisation

If you love testing and working away on your AdWords account, but you’ve hit a brick wall and need guidance, then an AdWords audit may be the ideal option for you. →  AdWords Audit (& Training)

Training alongside the Audit

An audit can be a bit daunting in itself, but with an accompanying training session you get the chance to ask questions, see demonstrations and really learn a lot more. We find that this works really effectively.

adwords training ni

The process:

– We review your AdWords account and put together an AdWords audit for you

– We then spend 2 or 3 hours with you going through the audit in person.

– You go away and make the recommended changes and take on board best practices

– If you wish, we can do follow up training sessions (and audits) to continue improving performance.

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