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A New AdWords Account means a Fresh Start for Optimal Performance

Starting from scratch with a professional AdWords account build can save you money and a lot of time in the long run. Your account will be built in the optimal structure, providing utmost control that’s easier to manage. Note though, that if you already have a long standing AdWords account, this is likely not the option for you as you’d lose your historical data. However, if your account never performed up to scratch before, it may be worth considering. We can advise you on this, on a case by case basis. As a Google Partner, we can also provide you with an AdWords voucher worth up to £120 to get you started.

AdWords Services

After the new AdWords account is built, you have the options of managing your AdWords account yourself, receiving AdWords Training to help you do so, or receive optimal AdWords Management from our consultant. Please contact us to discuss this and we’ll find the option that best suits you.

You are in safe hands – those of a former Google employee!Louise McCartan Search Scientist 2013

Search Scientist is founded by a former Google employee. Louise worked as an AdWords Strategist, AdWords Optimisation Specialist and AdWords Trainer for over three years at Google. She really knows her stuff and benefits from an insider view.

All Search Scientist employees are fully Google AdWords & Analytics Certified. With Search Scientist you’re guaranteed transparency, honesty and hard work, all in the interest of meeting your goals.

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