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What is AdWords?

AdWords is Google’s Online Advertising or Pay Per Click (PPC) program

AdWords enables businesses to reach their target audience ‘in the moment’, as they’re searching for their product or service, or for example, have shown an interest through their browsing history. There are incredible targeting capabilities, so that, in the right hands there’s very little wastage and you’re reaching only your target audience again and again, leading to the best ROI and growth of your business.

Almost 90% of people in the UK and Ireland use Google as a search engine. Google receives the most search traffic worldwide, allowing you more reach and more niche targeting than is possible with other search engines. Although Bing’s marketshare of search may increase, it’s still supplementary to the strong, proven performance of AdWords advertising.

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AdWords Consultancy

From a Leading Google Partner

Search Scientist was founded by a former Google employee. Louise worked for Google as an Online Advertising Strategist, AdWords Optimisation Specialist and AdWords Trainer. Search Scientist is a Google AdWords Partner, and as such can provide you with an AdWords Voucher worth up to £120 to help you get started.  The Search Scientist team is Google AdWords Certified and Analytics Qualified.

AdWords Services

We understand that each business has different needs and we’ll work with you to meet your goals. Our AdWords consultancy services are as follows:


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