Interest Categories – AdWords Display Network

Target by Audience Interests I recently wrote a comprehensive article on how to do just that. It’s been published here – The areas covered in the article are: – What is AdWords Display Network Interest Category Targeting? – An example of Targeting Users by their Interest – The Interest Categories available to choose from […]

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AdWords Sitelinks – All You Need to Know

New AdWords Sitelinks Article Published I’ve just had an article published covering basically all you need to know about AdWords Sitelink Extensions. The areas covered in the article include: – What are AdWords Sitelinks? – What are Enhanced Sitelinks? – Benefits of AdWords Sitelinks? – How to get AdWords Sitelinks? – When Sitelinks may not […]

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Grant Access New Google Analytics

How to Grant Access in the New Google Analytics Google’s Analytics help centre hasn’t yet updated their instructions on how to grant access to a new user in Google Analytics so that it’s aligned with the new version of Analytics. I looked online and found other high ranking sites for the search query, ‘grant access […]

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AdWords Certified Partner N. Ireland

All 4 Official Google AdWords Exams Passed! Search Scientist’s AdWords Consultant and former Google employee, Louise McCartan, has passed all of the Google AdWords exams with flying colours! Louise has passed every one of the official Google AdWords Exams, as below. Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam Search Advertising Advanced Exam Display Advertising Advanced Exam Reporting And […]

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Free Facebook Ads Vouchers

I just came across this site which offers free Facebook Ad Coupons. May be worth a look if you’d like to test running a Facebook advertising campaign. I’ll apply for one now and let you know how it turns out. The site is Hope you find this helpful.

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