Meet Jane Ritchie

Editor Gets Social

Jane User Photo 150x150After completing an MA in Publishing with the London College of Communication, Jane worked as an Editor for 2 years with a legal publishing company in London before returning to Belfast and continuing as a freelance editor of legal and educational textbooks and digital resources. However she missed having more visual work —as a student in Belfast, Jane was involved in community tv and has skills in digital video filming and editing, print layouts and image sourcing. And also freelance book editing can be a lonely station— so Jane decided to bring her multimedia skills out of the closet and get social by re-training in social media management.

With initial mentoring from a leading youth communications agency in Dublin, Jane began to build a profile for the running event with a foundation ‘conversation calendar’ and created ‘pillars’ and ‘sub-pillars’ to build from scratch an online profile for the event that would honestly represent the aims and vision behind it.

Many thousands of social media posts later, Jane is socially savvy and wise to both the needs of follower audiences and the workings of social media platforms as they continually evolve. From tentative first tweets back in 2013, Jane is now experienced in running high budget advertising campaigns on Facebook with proven results. She can create great content but knows that monitoring content performance once it’s up and being genuinely responsive to follower comments and requests is key to achieving the ultimate goal of getting them to make that step to conversions on the company website.


Sporty Old Spice

Back in the day Jane liked nothing better than hurtling down a mountain while taking part in adventure races – trail running, mountain biking and kayaking. She completed marathons and spent lots of time in rowing boats in university and competed internationally as a junior.

jane-2 bio image

However these days Jane has more family responsibilities and the odd circuit class or short run quickly followed by a return to the sofa and reality tv is as high energy as it gets. Her only sporty injury at the moment is social media thumb from too much scrolling! She also likes reading fictional paperbacks when she feels guilty about having social media brain.